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Organic Baby and Household Products – Part IV

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


Baby Products.  I am sure everyone wants the best for their children, which is why a lot of people will be shocked and upset to know that common baby products, such as lotions, washes and wipes contain harmful toxins and parabens.  Burt’s Bees carries a lot of natural and organic baby products, and Wegmans also has an entire aisle dedicated to natural and organic baby products.  However, even if the product says natural or fragrance free, make sure you still read the label for parabens and other toxins.  I was very upset to find that the Huggies Natural Care and fragrance free baby wipes I purchased to remove my makeup, had parabens in it.  Sometimes, just because a product claims to be natural and/or organic, doesn’t mean it is paraben and toxin free.  Most paraben free products will advertise this on the label and of course, you can read the ingredients label as well.


Household Products.  A lot of common household products contain harmful toxins, especially bleach, and even your dishwashing liquid!  Once again, Wegmans is a great place to find a variety of household products. I usually use organic and natural cleaning products that contain Citrus, because it works well on most surfaces, such as countertops, wood, floors, and even carpet stains.  However, for tougher cleaning jobs, like the bathroom, I use a line of products called Green Works, which can be found at Wegmans and Target.