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Finding Organic Makeup at Your Local Store – Part I

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009



Many makeup and beauty products have toxins in them, such as parabens, which is why it is important to not only read the ingredient labels in your food, but also in your makeup and beauty products.

An excellent site that I recommend to all of my friends and family is Skin Deep.  It is a cosmetic safety database website that allows you to plug in the names of your products and evaluate what ingredients may be harmful to you.  Skin Deep also rates your products on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the most toxic, and 0 being the least toxic).  After you evaluate your makeup and beauty products, you will probably decide to switch to organic and natural products because they pose little or no harm to your body and overall health.


I switched to organic and natural products two years ago, and until recently, I was only able to locate organic and natural makeup and beauty products at health food stores, Wegmans, and online.  Products such as lotions, soaps, face cleansers, and lip gloss being the easiest to find.  While products such as mascara, eye liner, lip liner and eye shadow being the hardest to find.  I usually bought all of my organic bath and beauty products at the stores, and ordered all of my natural and organic makeup online.  As you know, ordering makeup online can be a bit of hassle and costly.  If your lip liner breaks and you have a big date, what do you do?  Well, you were kind of stuck, because you had to go online, place an order, pay for shipping, and then wait at least a week for your lip liner to arrive. 


So, I was delighted and surprised the other day when I went into my local CVS, and realized the makeup companies are finally starting to put out organic makeup lines!  Finally, after two years of having to order all of my makeup online and pay shipping charges, etc., I can now go down the block and pick-up healthy and natural makeup with ease.

So, after you go to Skin Deep’s website and realize that your current makeup and beauty products are filled with harmful toxins and parabens, you may want to stop at your local CVS, Target, Ulta, or Wegmans to find healthy and natural alternatives to your current products.


Battling Acne – Part I

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Millions of people suffer from acne, both teenagers and adults. Yes, even adults. I always thought when I became an adult my acne would disappear, but instead it became worse. If you’re battling acne like so many other people, don’t worry because there is hope. With so many products available today, you may not be able to prevent acne entirely, but you can help keep it under control.

First, let’s talk about your options: dermatologist remedies, over-the-counter remedies, and home remedies. If you have health insurance or can afford a visit to a dermatologist, I would recommend you go this route. A dermatologist is a professional doctor that is trained to diagnose and treat your acne.

However, if you are on a budget or don’t have health insurance, which is common in today’s society, there are over-the-counter options which are also effective. Some of these include Oxy acne products, Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena and Noxzema. I personally break out in an allergic reaction whenever I use Neutrogena products, but my sister and many other people really like the products that Neutrogena offers.

Additionally, if you have a little more in your budget to spare, many people like the Proactiv product line; which is endorsed by several celebrities, including Jessica Simpson. I have two friends that tried Proactiv. They both thought it dried out their skin too much and made it “flake.” However, my one friend said, if she just uses one of Proactiv’s products, like maybe the face-wash, but not the toner too, that her skin doesn’t dry out as much and it does help keep her acne under control.

Now, if you only use organic products like I do, there are several different products that contain natural and organic ingredients, like Burt’s Bees, which can be ordered online and can also be found at Wegmans, Target and CVS. Burt’s Bees makes an herbal blemish stick that contains Tea Tree Oil. While I have never used Burt’s Bees blemish stick, I have used pure Tea Tree Oil for acne, and I was disappointed in the results. I felt the Tea Tree Oil was too greasy and didn’t really help my acne at all. However, everyone is different, and many people use Tea Tree Oil for their acne and it works great for them because Tea Tree Oil helps fight bacteria and calms inflammation.

Also, I know from personal experience, that trying to find organic and natural health and beauty products in stores can challenging; which is why I frequently go to Wegmans for these products. The Wegmans that I shop at has an entire section dedicated to natural and organic beauty products, where you can purchase many different varieties of natural acne products, face-washes and lotions, etc…

Finally, if you are stuck at home and don’t have time to run to the store or visit a dermatologist, there is an old myth that applying toothpaste on your acne will help clear it up.


Battling Acne – Part II

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

So, now that you’ve learned about products to help your treat your acne, I am going to share with you a few tips to help prevent acne. Some of these measures include:

1. Washing your face before going to bed, especially if you have makeup on;

2. Believe it or not, moisturize, even if you have oily skin. When skin is denied moisture, it over compensates by creating even more oil and clogging your pores;

3. As tempting as it is, don’t touch your face and acne. If you notice a blemish, place a warm compress on it, and then apply acne medicine. Hopefully within a few days, the blemish will clear up;

4. Wash your makeup brushes and pillow cases regularly. A lot of unhealthy dirt, oil and bacteria can build up on your makeup brushes and pillow cases;

5. Stay out of the sun. At first it will appear the sun is clearing up your skin, but the sun actually dries out and damages your skin; so your skin will once again over compensate for the loss of moisture and will create more oil causing acne flare-ups;

6. Don’t over cleanse and scrub your skin. While is it is important to cleanse your skin at night before bed and in the morning, don’t over-scrub your skin with harsh cleansers, this will only irritate your skin and possibly cause even more acne flare-ups.

7. Additionally, it hasn’t been proven, but I think eating a lot of unhealthy and fast foods contribute to acne. These types of food are filled with grease and fat, and it is hard for your body to process all of those unhealthy ingredients. I personally notice that when I don’t eat well, my acne flares up.

8. Also, taking Vitamin C has positive effects on your overall health, so I am sure it can help minimize the effects of acne as well.

By following all of these steps, I am not able to prevent my acne by 100%, but I am able to keep it under control a little bit; which is a lot better than doing nothing at all. I just keeping hoping that one day, someone will come up with a magic cream that prevents acne and wrinkles in one small and simple step.